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We are the defenders of the sovereignty, independence and autonomy of the Ukrainian nation. We create our families, community and state


We sacrificed our personal interests for the good of the Ukrainian people. We bring salvation to Ukrainians and death to our enemies


We are ready to overcome obstacles to achieve a high goal, to show dedication, courage and will in serving the Ukrainian people. The victory of our noble Cossack family is behind us


We are at the forefront of the struggle for the existence of the state. Our skill, perseverance and resilience are the key to a common victory

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We are the shield and sword of the statehood of the Ukrainian people. Our task is to defend the structure of the entire material and spiritual existence of the nation, because our own state is a means of preserving its life, its development and passing on its heritage to future generations.

Our struggle is based on the principles of justice, law and freedom. We follow the path of resisting the invaders and protecting our own heritage. We adhere to the traditions of the Ukrainian people and build our own existence in the spirit of humanity, brotherhood, respect for family and traditional values. A serviceman of our unit is not just a combat unit, but a brother and sister, a member of a big family.

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This is a system of legal and social guarantees that ensure the protection and satisfaction of the needs of military personnel in accordance with their special service activities and status and promote social stability in the military environment. https://social.mil.gov.ua

This is the official website of the Ministry of Defense, which provides comprehensive background information and support for servicemen and women who have been injured, including medical advice, rehabilitation programs https://turbota.mil.gov.ua

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Служба у Збройних Силах України - це не просто обов'язок, а велика відповідальність перед нашою країною та нашим народом. Ми, як військовослужбовці, маємо унікальну можливість бути частиною історії України та сприяти її розвитку в напрямку єдиної та незалежної держави.